Phantom Foundry is Jean-Baptiste Morizot. I design custom and retail typefaces.

As type designer and font engineer in various foundries, I worked on several custom typefaces for car manufacturers, technological devices companies and divers international brands. I was in charge of programming, font validation and design. In the same time I’m an active member of the infamous open source foundry Velvetyne since 2012, where I published libre fonts featuring experimental design. I also publish my own phantomatic typefaces via FutureFonts.

Coming from the book world, I like to create fonts grounded in classical forms and history of type, 
but in the same time because I live in the 21th c. and love pop culture, I can't help but innovate and twist the shapes of glyphs. It allows me to navigate between strong legible design and more visible powerful shapes.

I believe a custom typeface has to deepen and enhance the mood you want for your product, whatever it is (a book, a video game, a newspaper, an app, your brand) and my methode of designing fonts allows me to do so.
You think you need one? Feel free to drop me a line:


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